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Bon Appetit | APRIL 5, 2016


Forget everything you think you know about deep-dish pizza and go here 

Yes, this looks like the kind of place your grizzled uncle would hang out, pounding Bud Light while watching the Blackhawks (and this might also be true), but in fact, this unsuspecting sports bar serves one of the finest versions of Chicago’s polarizing signature dish. The game changer: a layer of cheese between the flaky crust and the cast-iron pan it’s baked in that yields irresistibly crispy, blackened edges. Our favorite version is topped with big hunks of fennel-flecked sausage and hot specks of giardiniera, but c’mon: It’s a casserole of melty cheese; it can do no wrong. 

PRO TIP: Avoid the long waits on weekends and have it delivered to your hotel. 

THE DETAILS: In a system called “priority seating,” calling at least 24 hours ahead won’t secure a reservation, but it will move you to the top of the waiting list once you arrive, cutting your wait time in half.

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Food Network -Pequod’s one of the top 5 pizzas in the country


#2: Italian Sausage Pan Pizza — Pequod’s Pizza

Pequod’s Pizza in Chicago has been synonymous with great deep-dish pizza since the 1970s and owner Keith Jackson is keeping it that way. The Italian sausage pizza starts with layers of cheese, then sauce and finally sausage. The caramelized crust of cheese around the edge of the cast-iron pan creates what the restaurant calls a “halo” of goodness.

Food Network Names Pequod’s to Top 50 U.S. Pizza List


Food Network tapped Pequod’s to represent the best ‘za from Illinois, which will no doubt start some arguments (although Pequod’s is well-known for having some killer pies). The magazine credits the restaurant with baking the pizza in cast-iron pans that have a bit of mozzarella sprinkled into the pan, giving it a “crust of crispy, salty, caramelized cheese.” And while you might want to add other ingredients like sausage, onion or pepperoni, Food Network says to not bother. “This part is so captivating that toppings are an unnecessary distraction—a simple cheese pie is the way to go.”

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The 15 Best Places for Lunch Specials in Chicago

Created by Foursquare Lists • Published On: July 24, 2017

“From Monday to Friday, from 11:00 am – 3:00 pm, enjoy a $4.95 lunch special that includes a 7” pan pizza with one topping and soda.  Great nightly deals to enjoy, as well.”

“Try the Deep Dish Pizza – With sausage. They have an awesome lunch special; small deep dish pizza (1-topping) and a soda for $4.95.”

“Best lunch special in Chicago $4.95 for personal pizza and soft drink.”

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NBC 5-Best Pizza in Illinois This Is the Best Pizza in Illinois, According to a New Ranking A new list of “Best Pizza in Every State” has dubbed the best pizza spot in Illinois When Chicagoans dish about their favorite city pizza spot, the conversation can sometimes get saucy, but the Daily Meal is officially putting that argument to rest. The publication has released a list of the “Best Pizza in Every State” and in Illinois, the answer is Pequod’s The iconic eatery known for its’ caramelized crust was cited for its “chewy, crusty, quasi-burnt cheese crust that forms the outer edge of this cheesy casserole.” The ranking looked at pizza restaurants across the country with a menu that is either made entirely of pizza or has a section dedicated it. The list included more than 800 pizzerias nationwide, which were then narrowed down by a “panel of culinary authorities” who voted for their favorites. Pequod’s has routinely been named among the top pizza lists in the area, including ranking high up in Foursquare’s latest list of best za spots in Chicago.

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The best deep dish pizza in Chicago

July 10 2017

#1 Pequod’s Pizza

Pequod’s has two locations (Morton Grove and Lincoln Park), making it easy to get your fix of its popular pan pizza. With a substantial crust and generous selection of toppings, you can’t go wrong with any combination of ingredients. The pan pizza has a “halo,” made from sprinkling cheese edge-to-edge and baking it until it’s crisp and brown. Our favorite part of this pie is the sauce—refreshingly bright and undoctored, it tastes like fresh tomatoes.

The best Chicago restaurants by cuisine

November 9 2016

Chicago’s best restaurants come in many shapes and sizes, from the highest-end fine dining to cheap but delicious subs. Picking the best restaurants was hard, but we came up with a list of our most essential restaurants in the city—the ones you should prioritize to get a taste of what exactly the Chicago dining scene is about.

Pequod’s Pizza

Pequod’s, at face value, is an unassuming Lincoln Park neighborhood bar—the difference is the pizza. Locals pour in to hang out, drink beers, watch sports and share a pie. Thin-crust and pan pizza are both on the menu, and while we’re a fan of both, we really can’t get enough of the caramelized crust on the pan pizza. It’s Chicago-style pizza we can eat all the time, with a chewy crust that’s covered with crispy and burnt cheese—giving it a crunch that’s unbeatable. It’s laden with a mouthwatering tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese that brings the whole pizza together. Top it with whatever you like, but also add extra cheese and sauce for the full experience.

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USA Today 10 Best

10 Best Pizza Places in Illinois-Pizza

There is some debate among diners on whether the pizza here is considered deep dish or pan pizza. Pequod’s uses the terms interchangeably but once you get past the debate, few will argue that its caramelized crust is stuff of pizza dreams. Their deep dish pizzas are baked in cast iron pans blackened by decades of seasoning. The overflowing cheese emerges from the oven as a halo of caramelized crust. The sausage is particularly tasty since it’s seasoned with spices. It has two locations. The Lincoln Park location, which is near the DePaul University campus, is open until 2am on the weekends but the Morton Grove location closes at 10pm.

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