Image of Pequod's famous sausage deep dish pizza.

Who doesn’t love a delicious slice of hot and cheesy sausage pizza? If you’re concerned that a slice or two might interfere with your diet, then you may want to know how many calories are in a slice of sausage pizza. Like all things, when eaten in moderation, sausage pizza can make for a great meal on a busy day. To put your mind at ease so you can go ahead and indulge in one of America’s favorite foods, here’s a guide to understanding the calories in your slice of pizza brought to you by the team at Pequod’s Pizza.

Ingredients of a Sausage Pizza

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Depending on your preference, your sausage pizza might have a thin crust or be a deep dish variety. You may also choose to stick with a classic marinara sauce, but some of our customers opt for the basil pesto or roasted garlic herb olio sauce, which both taste great with sausage. No matter how you choose to sauce your pizza, you’re sure to love every bite. Cheese is another key component of this famous Italian food to consider. These are some ingredients that may come on your next slice of sausage pizza, along with how many calories each one contains.


Pequod’s pizzas are available with either thin crust or pan crust, and the type you choose will affect the number of calories in your slice. It may come as no surprise, but ordering a thin crust pizza typically reduces the calorie count in your pie slice by around 60 calories. A pan-style pizza crust has a little over 300 calories, so ordering the thin crust can lower the calorie count to the mid-250 range.

Of course, having only a slice means the crust is adding around 160 calories to your daily intake. The signature crust has caramelized cheese on the edges, which may add a few extra calories, but it’s worth it.


There are a variety of pizza sauces available, and your preference will determine how many calories your slice contains. While many people prefer the standard red sauce, or marinara, on their pizza, others opt for other varieties. Since red sauce comprises mainly tomatoes and herbs, its calorie count is low, at only 66 calories per 1/2 cup serving. So when you divide that up to a per-slice amount, it’s not much. Choosing another sauce will alter the calories in your slice. For example, a roasted garlic pizza sauce has about 80 calories per 1/2 cup serving.


No pizza is complete without cheese. And you and your diet may be happy to hear that mozzarella cheese is one of the healthiest cheeses you can eat. An ounce of this cheese contains about 85 calories, and most slices of pizza probably have just a little over an ounce of this cheese on them. Another popular cheese for pizza is parmesan, which is also one of the healthier cheeses. It contains about 110 calories per ounce, so you may want to go a little lighter on this one.


The calories in sausage depend on factors like the fat content and quality of the meat. However, the high-quality Italian sausage pizza at Pequod’s is made with only the best. When cooked, Italian sausage contains approximately 96 calories per ounce. This is about how much sausage you might find on a slice of sausage pizza. It’s also high in protein, at 5.3 grams per ounce, which can help to keep you full longer. Pequod’s also offers other premium meat topping options, such as Italian beef and meatballs, that have different calorie counts.

Calories in a Sausage Pizza

So, what does all this add up to? How many calories are there in a slice of sausage pizza? The answer is that you’ll find around 350 calories in a slice of sausage pizza from Pequod’s. Pizza is a great option when you want to combine a single meal into one easy-to-eat dish. You can grab a slice when you’re on your lunch break — Pequod’s offers a great lunch special Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., or you can pick up an entire pie to bring home to the family after a busy day at the office.

Other Nutrition Facts About Sausage Pizza

Calories aren’t the only thing to consider when weighing the pros and cons of having a slice of tasty sausage pizza. This dish is also low in carbohydrates, at around 35 grams, and it has less than 4 grams of sugar. Protein content for a slice of sausage pizza is 13 grams, which is a fair amount of the daily recommended intake of protein. The amount of protein you need daily will be based on your weight and health, but for a small fee, you can add or reduce the amount of Italian sausage on your pizza at your request.

More Toppings for Your Sausage Pizza

If you want to add a little more variety to your sausage pizza, Pequod’s Pizza has lots of great toppings you can try. For the health-conscious diner, add some pineapple, green peppers, onion, spinach, and fresh garlic. Meat-lovers can pile on pepperoni or ground beef, and, for those who are so inclined, we even have anchovies. Some other popular options include jalapenos, fresh basil, and mushrooms. Feel free to add extra cheese or extra sauce to any pizza you want. These toppings and more can be yours when you eat at Pequod’s Pizza.

Whether you want to dine-in, carry out, or celebrate your next event, you can’t go wrong placing an order at Pequod’s Pizza. The friendly staff is always ready to help you discover your next favorite slice. Ask about Pequod’s frozen pizzas that you can order and have delivered straight to your door, allowing you to enjoy delicious pies no matter where you are. Pequod’s also has a great selection of appetizers, soups, pastas, and more. Don’t forget to save room for dessert since you probably have a few extra calories left in your daily count.