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Love Pequod’s? Spread the love by representing in some awesome Pequod’s swag. We have lots of great merchandise for sale for our customers, including apparel, bottle openers, and shot glasses. Whether you’re buying for a Pequod’s fan in your life or for yourself, show your support of your favorite Chicago pizza joint by ordering online or stopping by the store to browse our selection of merch.

The Story Behind the Logo

You may have noticed all our gear has our famous whale logo on it. Literary enthusiasts might recognize the reference to the great American Novel, “Moby Dick.” Pequod’s is named after the ship in that great story, where a whaling captain and his crew chase after the infamous white whale: Moby Dick. The original logo was just a whale, but its new form features a thong haphazardly tossed over the whale’s head and obscuring its right eye.

Those who read the book — and even those who only read the SparkNotes version — might observe astutely that there is no thong adorning the white whale Captain Ahab sought so mono-maniacally. But here at Pequod’s, you may have noticed we like to put our own spin on things. A unique crust deserves a unique whale. And, regardless of its adherence to the original story, it makes for a very cool logo.

The logo started with Pequod’s original owner, Burt Katz, the founder of our iconic crust. Burt started Pequod’s at our Morton Grove location back in 1971. He went on to sell the restaurant to its current owner, Keith Jackson. Keith, knowing Pequod’s to be the gem it was, kept many aspects of the great pizza spot the same, including the logo and the recipes. That’s why long-time Pequod’s lovers can still find the same delicious tastes and recognizable whale friend when they visit the restaurant, and its newer location in Lincoln Park, today.

Pequod’s Pizza Gift Ideas

Don’t just consider a piece of Pequod’s merch for yourself. Our swag also makes great gifts for fellow Pequod’s enthusiasts, too. Gift one of our shot glasses to a newly-minted 21-year-old, or give a T-shirt to a parent or friend. Our beanies can keep the ears of just about anyone warm all winter long. Get those you love a gift they’ll cherish forever by choosing from one of our swag items. It’s a fashion that suits pretty much everyone, regardless of personal style.

The Benefits of Buying Merch

If you’re on the fence about purchasing one of our products, let us explain some of the great benefits of wearing and showing off your swag.

Connect With Other Pequod’s Enthusiasts

Wearing a Pequod’s hoodie or putting a whale sticker on your water bottle is a great conversation starter. At Pequods, we’re proud to serve Chicago’s best deep-dish pizza, and we have a lot of enthusiasts out there for our pizza and food. So many fans, in fact, that a lot of orders for our food come from our online nationwide shipping option. We’re no longer a well-kept Illinois secret, and there are lots of people out there who get pretty excited about our caramelized or burnt-cheese crusts and mouth-watering pizza toppings.

Find your fellow enthusiasts by broadcasting your swag. You can connect with new friends over a shared love for great food in a great atmosphere. Missing Pequod’s? Wear your gear to find your fellow fans anywhere in the U.S. It might surprise you how many of us die-hards are out there.

Support Our Local Business

Another reason? We’re a local business, and, even though things are slowly returning to normal, a lot of local establishments were hit hard by years of lockdowns and reduced indoor capacity. Of course, buying our food is a great way to support our business, but another great way is to invest in our merchandise. Not only does this show us you care about our success, but your support also allows us to keep serving the same delicious pizza you know and love for years to come.

Wearing our gear and sharing our name also helps get the word out about our pizza, bringing more people to our restaurants. Eventually, we want the whole city to be wearing their Pequod’s swag. So get the cool whale beanie, and become a local influencer for your very favorite hometown joint.

Invest in Quality Items

Investing in our merchandise doesn’t just help us, it helps you, too. We use only the highest-quality materials in our apparel items, keeping you both comfortable and stylish. With color options like black, navy, and gray, our T-shirts will be the ones you reach for in your closet every time.

Other Ways to Support Pequod’s

If merch isn’t your style, there are still lots of other great ways to support Pequod’s pizza. We love to see our guests from all over the country come visit us, so be sure to stop by our Morton Grove or Lincoln Park location for a slice (or two) of great Chicago-style pizza. If you don’t live nearby, you can also order our food online. We partner with Gold Belly to ship our dishes all over the country. Wherever you are, you can still enjoy delicious fresh Chicago pizza served just the way you like it.

Unsure of what merch item to get as a gift for a Pequod’s fan? Buy a gift card. We have an online purchase option that sends your gift directly to the recipient’s email, ensuring they don’t lose it and enabling them to get exactly what they want exactly when they want it. You can purchase a gift card in any amount securely online, supporting us and making someone’s day all at the same time.

Have a question about our merchandise offerings or availability? Let us know. We want to make sure you find exactly what you’re looking for in our online shop. Be sure to wear your gear when you come to visit. Whether you want to sport a beanie, rock a cool new tee, or party with our bottle openers and shot glasses, be sure to do it in true Pequod’s style. We can’t wait to see you how you choose to wear your swag out and about in Chicago.