Deep dish pizza at Pequod's in Chicago

“The Bear” hit the ground running with a stunning 100% rating from Rotten Tomatoes for its first season in 2022. Part drama, part comedy, “The Bear” tells the emotionally-driven story of Carmen “Carmy” Berzatto who inherits his brother’s Chicago diner, The Original Beef of Chicagoland, after his brother commits suicide. Carmy’s perfectionism clashes explosively with Richard “Richie” Jerimovish who previously ran the restaurant. Throughout the series, all of the characters grapple with love and loss while navigating the raucous, high-stress environment of the family Italian beef restaurant.

As Carmy works tirelessly to convert The Original Beef into a world-class establishment, viewers get an intimate look at the inner workings of the restaurant scene. After a few episodes of “The Bear”, you’ll never approach dining the same way again.

How “The Bear” Highlights Chicago

“The Bear” is set in Chicago and allows the city itself to act as one of the show’s main characters in several ways. You’ll spot iconic skyline shots of the city, enjoy music from local musicians, such as Mavis Staples, and see ample examples of Chicago’s most beloved eats. Part of the beauty of “The Bear” is that it begins in a most unassuming spot, where paper-wrapped Italian beef sandwiches and hot dogs are the highlights of the menu.

As the show progresses, we’re introduced to increasingly stunning settings and elegant platings that would impress even the most refined of diners. Time and again we see that luxe dishes are as important as simple comfort food favorites. In some special situations, the two can collide in an inspired dish that’s sure to make waves, as we see with the much-debated pizza scene in Season 2, Episode 7.

What Pizza Place Is Mentioned in “The Bear”?

Season 2, Episode 7, of “The Bear” is filmed primarily at Ever, a two-starred Michelin restaurant. For the purposes of the show, Ever is dubbed a three-Michelin-starred restaurant, and the establishment takes on a few fictional elements to align with the increased rating. Richie is sent to stage at Ever for a lesson in the finer points of transforming a meal from a stomach-serving necessity to a true feat for the senses. He comes back a changed man, and this visually stunning episode makes it easy to see why.

At Ever, each table is analyzed in detail so the staff can provide a bespoke experience that perfectly serves the diner’s needs. At one of the tables, the server overhears a diner mentioning that they haven’t had a chance to experience Chicago’s famous pizza on their visit. Richie first assumes that Ever’s chef will make a Chicago-style pan pizza from scratch for the table, but the chef has something different in mind.

At this point, we get to witness an iconic cameo that will have Chicagoan pizza enthusiasts cheering. Defying the logistics of travel in Chicago, Richie sprints to Pequod’s Pizza to pick up an authentic Chicago deep-dish pizza from one of the most famous pizza joints in town. When Richie returns, the pizza gets a makeover so its stunning presentation will align with the artful airs of Ever.

The chef takes Pequod’s pizza and cuts out small rounds, reminiscent of the bagel bites from our youth. He adds micro basil to Richie’s elated cheers, then toasts the rounds in the oven before serving them thoughtfully arranged among dots of green sauce. The finished dish only vaguely resembles a real pizza from Pequod’s, but it delights the diners nonetheless.

Did “The Bear” Do Pequod’s Pizza Justice?

Deep dish pizza at Pequod's in ChicagoSome loyal Pequod’s diners argue that the pretty presentation of a deconstructed Pequod’s pizza didn’t do adequate justice to the pie. If you’ve never enjoyed a Chicago-style pizza from Pequod’s in its original form, you’d be well advised to try the pizza in its native state before attempting this type of transformation. This is because one of the most lauded features of the pizza is the caramelized cheese around the edges, which is all but eliminated in the pizza’s altered presentation on “The Bear.”

Sink your teeth into Pequod’s famous pizza as it’s made to be eaten, then try your hand at turning it into an artful display piece. Provided that you can stand to take apart this beautiful pie to begin with.

What Other Chicago Restaurants Are Mentioned in “The Bear”?

Pequod’s is just one of several popular Chicago restaurants seen on the show. If you’re interested in taking a culinary tour of the city inspired by “The Bear,” we have several suggestions for your itinerary.

Superdawg Drive-In

Superdawg Drive-In makes two cameos in “The Bear.” It’s seen in the montage opening of Season 1, Episode 7, and the restaurant’s boxes pop up yet again in Season 2, Episode 5. Famous for its hot dogs, burgers, and other simple, fast food delights, Superdawg is one of many examples of quick cooking that have made it onto the show.

Publican Quality Meats

Rob Levitt of Publican Quality Meats (PQM) gives Sydney a butcher lesson on the show. This scene does a great job of highlighting the skill and expertise required for even seemingly simple jobs. You can include PQM on your own tour of the city by stopping in for brunch or lunch to enjoy the establishment’s mouthwatering hot menu.

Margie’s Candies

In Season 2 Episode 3, Sydney finds herself at Margie’s Candies in Logan Square. This longstanding local favorite has been in business since 1921. Sydney enjoys one of the must-try sundaes, which will surely provide a sweet finish to your own Chicago foodie tour.

Enjoy a Taste of Chicago’s Finest Bites Yourself

“The Bear” is sure to leave you craving an authentic taste of Chicago, and there’s no better place to satisfy your desires than at Pequod’s Pizza. With locations in Chicago and Morton Grove, you have two convenient options to choose from. If you’re not in the Chicago area, you can even have one of Pequod’s pizzas shipped to you anywhere in the country via Goldbelly. There’s no excuse for not giving this famous pizza pie a taste.