pizza with multiple toppings

Pizza is the classic party food option. You can please a crowd of hungry guests with a plain, decked-out, or somewhere-in-between pizza. But did you know that your preferred type of pizza can tell you something about your personality?

Keep reading to learn more about yourself based on your favorite pizza toppings you usually put on your pizza. Hey, you might learn something new!

*Image via Flickr by dalecruse

Meat: Love or Hate?

Do you wish you could pile your pizza high with pepperoni, sausage, bacon, and every other savory and spicy meat in the market? Or maybe you prefer no meat at all?

If you’re a meat-lover, you are loud and proud. Kind of like a Texan. Don’t know what I mean? Try yelling “I love Texas!” in a public place, and you might be surprised with how many cheers you’ll get in response.

Maybe plain pizza — just crust, sauce, and cheese — is the only pizza for you. If so, you’re as dependable as people come. You love what you love and stand your ground. Just don’t forget that trying something new every once in a while is a good thing too.

If you like the simple cheese and pepperoni combination, you know how to avoid drama and express your care for your family and friends. You’re a likable person and know how to have fun.

For those who like particular combinations of meat and toppings, keep reading to learn about your personality in the following sections.

Veggies: All Kinds or Just a Few?

Whether you like them all or just a couple, the vegetables you put on your favorite pizza have a lot a say about your personality.

If you like green peppers, you usually like to stay in the background. If you like sausage and peppers, you’re probably in the background doing yoga. You like to keep things balanced.

A preference for green olives says you like to go with the flow and don’t usually care what others think of you. If you like black olives, no one knows what to think of you.

If you like onions, you exhibit maturity and think before making decisions. Many people would say you are wise.

Broccoli or spinach on your pizza is a tell-tale sign that you prefer the healthy things the world has to offer. You are also unique among your family and friends.

While mushrooms aren’t really vegetables, we’re putting them in this group. If you like mushrooms, you seem a little reserved, but you can make a hilarious quip that leaves people dying of laughter. You’re also down-to-earth and can handily carry on a conversation.

If a veggie-only pizza is right up your alley, you’re quite in tune with yourself. You may also hold yourself back from others at times, but don’t be afraid to let your true self shine. You’re the type of person that can change the world, one conversation at a time.

Pineapple: Yea or Nay?

Pineapple is one of the only fruits people will put on their pizza. (Yes, tomato is a fruit, but it usually gets thrown in with the vegetables.) Pineapple is also quite the controversial topping. It tends to divide friend groups and families when they decide how much of the pizza should have pineapple on it. Sometimes you’ll have to order one-half of the pizza with pineapple for your pineapple-loving friends, but that says more about your character than all the other toppings.

If you prefer pineapple on your pizza (sometimes paired with ham), you’re laid back and comfortable with yourself. You’re also quite opinionated and creative. As a pineapple-lover, you are likely in the minority and won’t have to share with many friends or family members.

Spicy: Mild or Mouth-Watering?

While sausage and pepperoni certainly add a little bit of spice to a pizza, you can opt for more spice and flavor with other toppings too.

Those who like banana peppers enjoy living on the edge. It doesn’t take much for you to try something new. If you like jalapeno peppers, you tend to be the center of attention. If you like both types of peppers, you’re probably the one that entertains all the guests at the party with your outrageous stories.

Specialty Pizza

Many types of specialty pizza exist out there, but you may have a favorite one or two that you just love to eat. Maybe you like swapping out the traditional tomato sauce for some honey barbecue sauce or adding chicken. If this is you, you’re an adventurous and imaginative person. Your friends who like plain pizza may be coming to hang out with you when they’re ready to have some fun.

Everything and Anything

While some people are very particular about flavor combinations, you may like to add anything you can find on your pizza.

If you like anchovies on your pizza, some people may not trust your judgment, but you’re bold, stubborn, and undeterred by other people’s opinions.

If you like everything on your pizza, you’re a welcoming person and love experiencing life, but you have trouble making decisions at times.

Fillings Are Better Than Toppings

You may say, “Fillings are better than toppings.” If this is the case, then you most likely prefer Chicago-style deep dish pizza. You know that deep dish pizza is the best way to celebrate the love of pizza, since you can enjoy more pizza in every bite.

The fan-favorite fillings in a Chicago-style deep dish pizza are pepperoni, mushrooms, extra cheese, sausage, onions, black olives, green peppers, fresh garlic, tomato, and fresh basil.

No matter what you like on your pizza, this classic food can bring all types of people together. Whether you’re eating pizza with a life-long friend or someone you just met, you now know more about them based on their favorite pizza toppings. If you’re a fillings-are-better-than-toppings pizza fan, bring a deep dish pizza to someone who has never tried it before, and soon they’ll be calling you a life saver.