What is the most popular type and style of pizza in America?

When it comes to pizza styles and toppings, the sky is the limit on creativity and what combinations work best. For some, traditional-style pizzas that combine a classic red sauce with cheese and a few toppings works, while others like to branch out with creative combinations, such as arugula, kale, and chopped walnuts. Let’s take a deeper look at several pizza types and what makes them special.

What is the most ordered pizza in America?

What is the most popular type and style of pizza in America?Can you guess what the most common types of pizza are and which are the most popular? Simple cheese pizza with a marina sauce is one of the most beloved pizzas worldwide. The combination of melted cheese with garlic and Italian-style herbs baked on a crispy crust seems to hit all of the flavor and texture checkpoints on any pizza lover’s checklist.

However, according to a survey by YouGov America, pepperoni pizza is by far the most ordered pizza in the United States. Why? Pepperoni has a savory salty taste with just the right amount of spice, has a texture softer than salami, and melds perfectly with a variety of sauces, cheeses, and crust types. Other common types of pizza include grilled chicken with Alfredo sauce, roasted vegetables with pesto, and a meat-lovers pizza with a zesty buffalo sauce ideal for a tailgate party.

Most popular crust styles in the United States

Deciding on the type of crust for your pizza is a personal preference. Sometimes you want the comfort of a traditional pan pizza crust, and other times you want to feel adventurous and try a caramelized deep-dish pizza crust with gooey melted cheese encrusted around the edge of the pizza. Here are the most common crust types:

Thin Crust

One of the most popular options for many pizza enthusiasts is the thin crust sometimes called a Neapolitan pizza crust. This style of the crust makes for a light, crispy pie base and is generally found on a wood-fired Margherita pizza.

New York

When you want to grab a wide slice of pizza to eat while walking down the street, you’ll want a slice of New York-style pizza. The crust on this style of pizza has a crispy edge that holds together well yet has a soft inner crust that helps keep it pliable and fluffy.

St. Louis

While unconventional, because the pizza is cut into squares or rectangles rather than into wedge-shaped slices, a pizza with a St. Louis crust does offer a light base that’s pretty easy to eat while on the go. A St. Louis crust has an unleavened wafer-thin cracker-like crust.

Deep Dish

Also known as a Chicago-style crust, deep-dish pizza has a thick buttery crust that’s more bread-like than other thin-crust pizzas. Deep-dish pizza is so popular because the crust ledge helps to hold loads of sauce, creamy cheese, and tons of toppings that won’t fall off when you bite into the slice.


Thick and chewy, Detroit, or Sicilian-style, crusts are served in big rectangular chunks. This pizza reverses the layering of traditional pizza with the toppings on the bottom, then cheese, then sauce on top.

Most popular types of pizza sauce

Having the right sauce can make or break the flavor of your pizza. Here is a list of the most common pizza sauces:


When most people think about having a pizza, they think of an aromatic tomato-based red sauce covering the crust. This marinara sauce is the most popular of all pizza sauces and combines perfectly with most meats, cheeses, and pizza toppings.


For those who like spicy sauces, choose a hot sauce-based buffalo sauce for pizza. This style of sauce lends itself well to toppings such as shredded grilled chicken, blue cheese, and bacon chunks.


Creamy, decadent, and oh-so-satisfying, Alfredo sauce is perfectly paired with rich mushrooms, zesty garlic, and grilled chicken.


Pesto sauce is one of the top pizza sauces for those looking for a sauce filled with flavors of basil and garlic. Think of toppings such as grilled eggplant, roasted chicken, olives, and parmesan cheese for a pizza with a pesto sauce.

Most popular cheese and meats

One of the most popular pizza topping combinations includes mozzarella cheese with pepperoni and mushrooms served with a classic marinara red sauce. In addition, chicken and garlic with an Alfredo sauce or roasted vegetables with Italian sausage and pesto make popular pizza topping and sauce combinations.

Popular cheeses for pizza include:

  • Monterey Jack.
  • Cheddar.
  • Parmesan.
  • Pecorino-Romano.
  • Goat Cheese.

Common meat toppings include:

  • Pepperoni.
  • Hot Italian Sausage.
  • Salami.
  • Bacon.
  • Chicken.

Most popular vegetable toppings

You can put any vegetable you want on a pizza. From simple toppings like mushrooms and peppers to unusual ones like kale or roasted broccoli, any vegetable goes well on pizza.

Common vegetable toppings include:

  • Mushrooms.
  • Onions.
  • Bell peppers.
  • Squash.
  • Artichoke hearts.
  • Corn.
  • Fresh or sun-dried tomatoes.
  • Black or green olives.
  • Fresh basil.
  • Arugula.
  • Pickled or fresh jalapenos.

Most unusual pizzas in America

When you’re ready to try something besides your standard pepperoni or buffalo chicken pizza, try an unusual one, like one of the following.

Hawaiian Pizza

Does pineapple go on pizza? This question is an ongoing debate among pizza enthusiasts, and there is no right or wrong answer. With flavor combinations from the sweet pineapple, salty ham or bacon, and savory cheese, Hawaiian pizza is popular for those who enjoy this unique style of pizza.

Vegan Pizza

Having a vegan pizza is a good choice for those wishing to reduce or eliminate meat and dairy from their diet but still want that exciting flavor of pizza. Vegan pizzas have no meat toppings and, often, a cheese-free substitute. However, if you still want a pizza that has some of the melted, gooey cheese flavor and texture, ask for a pizza made with vegan cheese.

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